I’m Getting a New Tattoo about Creation (When I save up for it)

Back in 1997 I got a Tattoo in Birmingham. I’ve got a red celtic knot on my right shoulder. Back then hardly anyone had a tattoo, it was a bit edgy, which is why I had one done. When I started work there were only two of us with tattoos. Now everyone has tattoos much to my irritation. But recently I’ve been thinking about having another one done. I wanted it to have some meaning and I have always been fascinated by maths and science. So the one I’m getting designed reflects how maths, science and Christianity interact. A look on the net shows that lots of people have a similar idea. The picture below is of the Fibonacci Spiral which is a graphic representation of the Fibonacci sequence. This

Why Do Westlife Stand Up for the Key Change

I'm not a great fan of pop music to be honest. I much prefer heavy metal. One band a loath is Westlife, the Cheezy Irish band from about 10 years ago. You may notice that all of their songs sound the same and most pop songs sound the same too. Now that sounds like a sad old dad moaning about modern music. But, there is a reason why all pop songs sound the same and it has more to do with maths than creativity. In my last post I talked about the golden ratio, it is a ratio that appears in nature and art that we are naturally drawn to. Notice that the curve of an arch in our churches looks beautiful and we are drawn towards it, similarly in music a cord of notes sounds beautiful. Why because th

Does Science Speak of God?

I’ve always been obsessed with asking questions. As a kid my mother promised that she would always answer all my questions, a promise I’m sure she regretted. So much so that one Christmas she bought me encyclopedia called Tell Me the Answers. Basically, because she could get the book to answer for her. I was a strange child too, because I refused to read any fantasy books. In our reading scheme in school we had the book, The Princess and the Giant. I refused to read this as there were no giants. So the encyclopedia was a way of getting me to read. I was so much of a geek that my favourite programmes were Johnny Ball’s Think of a Number and Tomorrow’s World. Now that is seriously sad. One of

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