Avengers Infinity War is Thanos the Bad Guy?(No Spoilers)

I went to see Avengers Infinity War on Sunday and it was great. The only problem is you have to keep up with the Marvel universe. To enjoy it you will have had to have seen nearly all the new Marvel films and it helps to watch a couple of geek previews on youtube too. I don't have enough room in my head for all the marvel stuff and need a reminder. I know I promised no spoilers but here is a very minor one which got me thinking. The 'Bad Guy', Thanos has deiced that the universe contains too many people. So many people in fact that the resources of the universe cannot sustain them. So he proposes to select half the universes' population at random and kill them. This he says is morally good b

St Nix Shining as a Light for 40 years

From 60s to Church opening in 1978 In the 1960s and 1970s Yate underwent a massive expansion with numerous streets of houses being built on farmer’s fields. It was the biggest New Town Development in Europe at the time. St Mary’s Church was involved in setting up the beginnings of the Church at Abbotswood. The first building was the Saint Mary Abbotswood Youth Centre opened by the Duchess of Westminster and reported in the Gazette on Saturday March 6th 1971. Church services were held there on Sundays as well as Youth activities throughout the week. Members of St Mary’s Church came to these services to start the church in Abbotswood. It soon became apparent that a Church needed to be built al

St Nix 40th Birthday Celebration 10th June

You are warmly invited to the 40th Anniversary of Saint Nicholas Church on Sunday 10th June 2018 for a Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration at 10:30am. Bishop Lee will be giving the address and weather permitting, we hope to hold the service outside in Abbotswood Shopping Precinct. Please stay for lunch after the service. Have you been baptised in St Nicholas Church? Did you come to Sunday School here or to Family Service with the Uniformed Organisations? Did you belong to a Sunday evening Youth Group such as Magnet? We would love to see you at the service and exchange memories. A warm welcome awaits you. We are having a Barn Dance with live music by Woodbine which includes a cheese ploug

The Top 5 Reasons why I believe in the Resurrection

This week I was asked to do a short talk at The Mix about why I believed in the resurrection. I think the first thing to realise is that today we live in a very confusing world where a lot of news is just fake. This makes us cynical. I someones watch the news and just laugh at how stupid some of the stories are and how disconnected it all is from reality. I do enjoy a cynical laugh from time to time but it is a bit worrying.We live in a world that has lost its faith in everything. But this loss of faith is most profound in established institutions, such as the Church, Universities and most of all Politicians. We live in such a confusing world faith and trust in anything is hard to come by. I

A Wrinkle in Time, why it makes no sense

Last week I had two blasts from the past, one it rained on Easter Monday and two a classic book got the Hollywood treatment. So on Monday due to the rain we went to the pictures and saw A Wrinkle in Time. Not my first choice of film but I was sold on the idea it had 'boring physics stuff' in it. At the end of the film we were all left a bit flat, the effects were good and the giant Ophrah was funny, but the story didn't make a lot of sense. The reviews of the film were a pretty damming too, so I'm not alone in thinking it was a bit confusing. You got the sense while watching that something had been taken out. There were some echos of a Christian story of love and redemption, but the story di

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