Take a Reflective Walk this Summer

As you may have seen the diggers have arrived in north Yate and the building of the new estate has begun. Well, so far there are the beginnings of a road and lots of containers. To reach out in everyday mission to the people of north Yate we have formed a small missional community. It's a small group from the parish who are being church not just in the church building but in north Yate itself. One of the best parts of Brimsham is the park and we have decided to use the park as a sacred space. When the first Christians came to the UK, there were no church buildings. These Celtic and Anglo-Saxon saints lived alongside a pagan people and practised their faith in simple ways. We are used to plac

Praying for England and a Psychic Pig on This Morning

Sometimes you hear something and you think, that just can't be true. Today I was reliably informed that there was a Psychic pig on This Morning predicting the football results. It turns out it was true after all. A quick YouTube search and you find Phil interviewing the owner of the pig about its abilities. Apparently the pig is the seventh son of the seventh son and therefore endowed with Psychic powers. Perhaps, the owners listened to the Iron Maiden album by the same name. I've included the video below just to show this really happened on TV. Tonight while England are playing Justin and I will record a podcast asking should we pray for England to win? The strange thing about football and

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