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Christmas Tree Trail Competitions!


There are many ways to enjoy this trail!


1. Just follow the map and enjoy finding as many trees as you can.


Christmas Tree Quiz

2. Each tree has a word attached to it which come from well known Christmas carols. Using the Trail Quiz Sheet look at one line at a time (they have been sorted by area), cross off each word as you find them until you are left with one word that is NOT linked to a tree. This is the “Answer” for this section of the trail and can be entered below to be in with a chance to win a prize. You can enter as many lines as you like.


3. If you complete ALL the lines, use ALL the words that have been left along with the words on trees 1,2, and 17 to make a sentence about Christmas. (There is more than one possible combination!) Submit these, in the same way, to be in with a chance of winning a BIGGER prize!


(We are trying to keep passing paper from hand to hand but, if you prefer, you can enter any of these by posting your quiz sheet with the answers clearly shown on it, along with your name and contact details, into the church office.)


Submit your Quiz Answers Here

Photographic Competition

While following the trail why not take some photos and enter one or more of these in our Photographic Competition. The theme is “The Wonderful World of Christmas” and there will be a prize for

a. The best photo taken by a child at PRIMARY school

b. The best photo taken by child at SECONDARY SCHOOL/COLLEGE(up to 18)

c. The best photo taken by an (adult 18+)

These can be submitted sharing your photos on Facebook at  Facebook.com/yateparish or emailing your pictures to parishoffice@yateparish.org.uk

The judge’s decision is final!

Poetry or Story Competition

Why not put pen to paper and write a short story (no more than one side of A4) or poem with a Christmas theme? These can be submitted to parishoffice@yateparish.org.uk Again there will be prizes for different age groups and the judge’s decision is final!



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