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Peter's Denial of Jesus

Station Four 

Peter was one of Jesus’ best friends. At the Last supper Jesus told Peter that tonight he would say that he didn’t even know him. Peter said that he would always be Jesus’ friend even if he would die for it. When Jesus was arrested Peter ran away and when three people asked him if he was Jesus’ friend he was scared so said he didn’t know Jesus. Peter was so scared that a little girl asked him and he still said he wasn’t Jesus’ friend.


To read the Little Girl's story who witnessed Peter's Denial see below

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The Little Girl's Story

I’m Rebecca and I’m only 10. I work at the palace of the High Priest as a maid. I had just finished work and it was dark and cold, so I went over to the fire in the courtyard. There were quite a few of us around the fire and the grown ups were all talking about Jesus. He had been in the Temple all week talking against the High Priest. Some people thought he was great others hated him. Jesus had been arrested and the whole council had come to question him inside.


This man came over and I thought I had seen him before at the Temple on Tuesday afternoon. I was sure he was standing right next to Jesus when he was speaking. Jesus and his followers are from up north in Galilee so they all have a funny accents. Then the man spoke and he had a northern accent, then I was sure it was him. I said, ‘You’re one of Jesus’ disciples aren’t you.’ He got really cross and swore saying he didn’t know what I was talking about. Two other people asked him and he said he didn’t know Jesus.


Then he walked off, the cockerel crowed and the man fell down on his knees and cried and cried. I felt sorry for Jesus having friends like that, I hope if I’m even in trouble my friends won’t run away but help me.



  • How scared do you think Peter was?

  • Do you do things that you regret because you are scared?

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