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Called to transformation Saturday 17th August, 10am – 3pm at St Mary’s, Yate

The Parish of Yate and Fromeside benefice are delighted to welcome the international speaker and retreat leader Margaret Silf to lead a Reflective Learning Day at St Mary’s on 17th August. Margaret Silf is a spiritual explorer who travels widely, engaging with others through her books and the retreats she leads. The author of a number of books for soul-adventurers, she is also a mother and grandmother and lives in Staffordshire. The background to the day The Christian tradition is a story of transformation – a revelation of the fullness of the divine in human life. This revelation came at a cost: a brutal execution on Calvary. We believe that through this death a new dimension of life emerges into what we know as resurrection. This pattern also directs our own inner lives, but we can easily place our faith in a separate compartment from the challenges of everyday experience. We don’t really believe that the call to transformation applies to us, and that the meaning of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus is reflected in our own lives as we grow from the person we are into the person we have the potential to become. During this Reflective Learning Day the image of the caterpillar will help us make this connection, as it transforms from an all-consuming garden pest into a creature that brings life to the plants it pollinates and joy to all who encounter it. We will discover that everything in creation, from the caterpillar to the cosmos, participates in all the changing phases of God’s great work of transformation. Do book your place for this day which will be creative, thought-provoking and spiritually enriching. Contact: or 01454 776518

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