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Harvest Festival at St Nicholas Church, Abbotswood - Sunday 2nd Oct at 10.30am

St Nicholas Church's Harvest Festival

Sunday 2nd October at 10.30am

We would like to invite everyone to join us for our Harvest Festival Service on Sunday 2nd October at 10.30am.

It will be a Morning Worship Service and our Speaker this year will be from The Wild Goose Cafe, part of inHope Charity. We have supported this Christian Charity for several years as they do wonderful work with the homeless. Any donations, in the form of tins, jars, etc. will be given to inHope to support their work.

There will be refreshments after the Service and we would love you to stay for that.

Harvest Festival is always a joyous Service and we would ask you to come and celebrate with us and bring friends and family.


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