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Labyrinth of Lights 2022

At All Souls this October 30th we will construct a Labyrinth of Lights in St Mary's Churchyard. It is a public way of inviting people to pray in the darkest time of the year. Here we can remember those who we have lost this year and throughout our lives.

What is a Labyrinth?

Labyrinths are a single circular path that people walk towards the centre and then return. As you walk you are invited to remember your loved ones and give thanks for them. The Labyrinth has been used by millions of people all over the world. They are found in the outdoors or on the floors of churches. The most famous one is in the Cathedral of Chartres in France.

Labyrinths are far more ancient than even Chartres Cathedral, the go back even to the dawn of humanity. They have been used by people to take time out and contemplate our lives in relation to God.

How to Pray the Labyrinth

You enter the labyrinth with a question or a thought and hold that thought as you walk to the centre. In Chartre they say it is like entering the womb again with your cares and concerns. Taking these concerns to the heart of all things, then as you return outwards you are reborn leaving your worries at the centre. There is something beyond words in such a way of praying, a way of meeting God and receiving that care beyond imagination.

Yate Parish Labyrinth of LIghts

Our Labyrinth will be built in St Mary's Churchyard and is marked out using rope lights. There are 50 hearts which will be placed in the trees near the labyrinth. Each heart can be dedicated to the memory of a loved one or a prayer intention you may have. If you fill in the form here we can attach a message or prayer to each light

It will show that even in the darkest time of the year light still shines. Walking the labyrinth can allow us to pray without words, walking with God and allowing Him to bless us.

Click on the picture to dedicate a light to your loved one


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