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Lost in Ladden Garden Village Trail

A Nativity Story for 2020

Ladden Garden Village might seem an unlikely place to find the characters from the nativity story.

But if you take time to look a little more closely, the first Christmas story happens in an unlikely place, too.

It’s also a story full of surprising characters. Ordinary people, like you and me, the sort of people who you couldn’t imagine would get to find out stuff from God.

And if what happened on that first Christmas night made such a difference to them, it may make a difference to us too.

So it might just be worth having a closer look.

But just like so many others in Ladden Garden Village, they all seem to have got a bit lost!

Can you help to find them?

Around the estate are 8 posters with a puzzle relating to the Nativity story can you find them?

Pop up to the new estate in North Yate behind Brimsham park. See if you can find the nativity characters and solve the puzzles to find out who they are. There is an audio trail to accompany each of the posters to find this at


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