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A National Challenge for this Lent

This Lent, we hope both adults and children might engage in God’s plea for us to “Care for Creation”. It is an opportunity for us to rebuild our relationship with our planet, and in turn with the God who is Lord of everything. During this time, we hope you might engage in prayer, learn more about the remarkable world we have been given and build habits that last beyond the season to protect and honour the earth.

Archbishop Justin Welby & Archbishop John Sentamu


How to get involved in Yate

1: Use the Live Lent Booklet

 #Live Lent booklets contain a short reflection and action for each day of Lent and are available in church or order direct here

2: Use the Live Lent App

Download the Live Lent App to your phone or tablet links or signup for daily email challenges

3: Join a Lent Group

Details of the Lent groups are found below.

Saying Yes to Life


A Lent study to help us be kinder to creation


This year during Lent the Archbishop has asked us to focus on the environment. To help us we are recommended to work with a new book entitled ‘Saying Yes to Life’, by Ruth Valerio. Ruth focuses on God’s hymn of creation in Genesis chapter 1 and the challenge this gives to us. Each chapter is followed by

discussion questions for use in small groups. We urge the Lent groups within our parish, both established and new, to use this book. In our new Parish Vision, we have committed to becoming a more environmentally-friendly and sustainable parish. ‘Saying Yes to Life’ should help us fulfill this commitment and get our new Parish Vision off to a good start.

Lent Groups in Yate


Throughout Lent, each group will be meeting to discuss the questions in Saying Yes to Life.


These are reflective and also about making practical changes in our lives to protect God’s Creation.


The church is providing a   summary of each chapter so even if you don’t buy the book you can still take part in the discussion.


Click on the book to order your copy

SPCK have published some resources to compliment Saying Yes to Life Click here to watch the videos

Bristol Diocese have provided some course notes for those using these resources in Lent. Click here to download the course notes

Details of the Groups are detailed Below:

Lent Groups

across Yate Parish

Start dates and contacts


Some groups are hosted in churches, others in homes. For details of the venues and postcodes please contact the group leaders.


Tuesday 3rd March: Alpha + 7:15 - 9-15pm

Contact: Iain Macfarlane, email: imacfarlane@yateparish.org.uk

Tel: 01454 322921


Tuesday 3rd March: Growth Group 7:30 - 9pm

Contact: Jim Bradshaw, email: jandw81@gmail.com  Tel: 07770 750896 


Wednesday 26th Feb: Pilgrim Group 7-9pm

Contact: Hywel, email: Hywel@yateparish.org.uk  Tel: 07539069811


Wednesday 26th Feb: St James 9:00 am in Church, with breakfast

Contact: Hywel email: Hywel@yateparish.org.uk  Tel: 07539069811


Wednesday 4th March: Open Group 2:30 pm

Contact: Ian Wallace email: rector@yateparish.org.uk  Tel: 01454 319228


Thursday 27th Feb: St Mary’s 10:30 am

Contact: Gail ,email: Gail@yateparish.org.uk  Tel: 0774 6050607


Thursday 27th Feb: Birds Estate 7:30 pm

Contact: Beverly ,email: hodgson.piglet@blueyonder.co.uk 

Tel: 01454 329177


Thursday 27th Feb: Home Group 7:30-9pm

Contact: Ruth, email: ian.ruth.wallace@ntlworld.com  Tel: 01454 319228


Thursday 27th Feb: Home Group 7:30-9pm

Contact: Alison, email: alison-thurlow@ukgateway.net Tel: 01454 313252


Friday 28th Feb: Faith n Fun at St Nix 10-11:30 am

Contact: Ros, email: rosayb@hotmail.co.uk Tel: 07504 284601

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