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Palm Sunday

Station One 

Our story starts on Palm Sunday. This is where a huge crowd welcomed Jesus as a hero as he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey. They waved palms and shouted Hosanna to the King. The people really loved Jesus but the religious leaders didn’t like this at all.


To read Judas’ story who witnessed Palm Sunday see below

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Judas' Story

I’m Judas one of Jesus’ friends. I’ve been with Jesus for three years living and working with him as he traveled all around the country. Last week we were really excited and a bit scared. We started walking towards Jerusalem our capital city. Then Jesus got on a donkey and started riding up to the gates of the city, people came from all around shouting Hosanna to the King of David. They were so excited that they took palms off the trees and started waving them and throwing them on the floor for Jesus to ride over. I’ve never seen people so filled with joy at seeing Jesus a crowd so excited and ready to join us.


I’ve always hated the Romans, they have ruled over us for years and years. They make us pay taxes and treats us like slaves. The crowd was going to make Jesus the king of Israel and I thought that Jesus would call on the crowd to join us and we would get the Romans out of our country. The priests hated Jesus, especially because the people loved him so much. But Jesus instead of getting the Romans started telling people to love each other and to care for everyone even the Romans.


I was so angry with Jesus for not using his power to get the Romans I went to see the priests. I told them that I could help them get Jesus. I’m sure Jesus if he’s arrested will turn on the priests and the Romans. The priests paid me a lot of money too.



How excited would you have felt in the crowd welcoming Jesus with everyone else?


Would you have wanted Jesus to get the Romans like Judas?

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