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Latoya’s Story


I started going to St Nix on Christmas Day 2014. I just fancied going to church that day so I did. It was very welcoming, people actually came over to speak to me at the end of the service. I like the friendly vibe and that the service is a bit more relaxed (on occasion something goes wrong but a joke will make things right). I've met one of my now very good friends here. 


I've been to the 630 Praise since the beginning. It is more relaxed,   informal and I like singing so love a service with more singing and shorter message.



We sing, pray, and learn about Jesus from reading and talking about the Bible. We Afterwards, we really enjoy a coffee and a chat

10:30 Every Sunday

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We play games, we make things,

we have celebration time, we share a meal.

Usually 4th Saturday of the Month at 4-6pm




Contemporary Praise Service

with a praise band, inspiring stories of faith and uplifting music.​

6:30 pm Every Sunday at St Marys

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