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Walk Together

with God

At Yate Parish, we have many Home Groups 

These are small groups of Christians who meet to walk together with God

They study the bible together and encourage and support each other on their faith journey.

Groups meet in the day and in the evening on Zoom and in-person

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Tuesday Group

Tuesday Evening 7:30 in-person

We are a small group of Christians and friends trying to improve our understanding together of Christian faith and the bible and to support each other in the faith and in life. We meet weekly and have a few social events as well as our studies. We use various materials from bible study notes to contemporary films with a christian perspective. 

What we Love About our Home Group

"We really love the loyalty, support and friendship which we share in our group."

"The Socials are good fun too"


Pilgrim Group

Tuesday Evening 7:30 via Zoom

We are a community of Christians who reach out to serve the people of Ladden Garden Village in North Yate. We meet twice a month on zoom to support each other in our Christian faith and hold reflective walks, BBQ, picnics and day pilgrimages. We work with the community in Ladden Garden Village to serve them with events and community support.

What we Love About Pilgrim

“I really love the craft group because the people are so friendly and I get to learn new skills” 

“I really like the way we support each other and reach out in love to those in our community, we have made great friendships in the group and love the picnics too” 



Home Group

Thursday Afternoon 3:45 in person

A time of study / reflection on a theme or book of the Bible, sometimes using video or film. There are members from all 4 churches. 

What we Love About Home Group

"We enjoy each other’s company over tea / coffee catching up with our lives in the past week. We listen to each others thoughts on what we are reflecting on."

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Birds Group

Thursday Evening 7:00 in person

We are a small group who meet weekly for fellowship and to share our Christian experience around God’s word – and to socialise over cake, chocolate and the odd tipple.

What we Love About

The Birds Group

"We are creating a safe space in which we can share our experiences and from which we can be mutually supportive"

Emmaus logo.jpeg

Emmaus Group

Thursday Evening 8:00 in person and via Zoom

We are a small group who meet fortnightly to help each other on our journey of faith.

What we Love About

Emmaus Group

"We are all from different walks of life but we come together to help each other in our walk with Jesus"

faith n fun1.png

Faith n Fun
on Friday

Friday Morning 10:00 in person

The fun element, is the friendship and fellowship shared among long standing members and new members who consist of people from St Mary’s, St Nix and those for whom this is their only Church family.

What we Love About

Faith n Fun

"We have Bible study and everyone that wants to is able to take a turn at leading, regardless of their reading ability, as we encourage each other to grow in confidence in all aspects of life and our faith in Jesus, enabling each other to grow spiritually"

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