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Jesus Dies on the Cross

Station Eight

It usually took days for people to die by crucifixion, but Jesus died after tree hours. Jesus had been beaten, whipped and carried his own cross up the hill of calvary. Near the cross for all three hours were Mary Jesus’ mother, Mary Magdalene and his friend John, who was just a boy. During his time on the cross darkness fell on the whole country. Jesus said ‘It is finished’ and died.


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Mary's Story

I’m Mary Jesus’ mum, I’ve been with Jesus from the very beginning. All those years ago when the angel came to me I knew my life would be different, but not like this. It has always been hard for me and Jesus, born in a stable, running away to Egypt as refugees and now this.


I had hoped that Jesus would be safe and more diplomatic when he talked to the important people. I even came to take him home because I knew that if he carried on he would end up being killed. I just wanted my son to be safe and happy. I knew he had to do what he was called to do, but why my son and why like this.


An eery darkness came when Jesus was on the cross, all the blood thirsty shouting had stopped. All those people who thought they were so powerful, now looked unsure and even scared. The Romans were playing dice and laughing, but everyone else looked unsure.


Jesus looked down and forgave those soldiers who had crucified him. People heard thais and were amazed.


When Jesus was a baby we took him to the Temple and a man called Simeon said to me, a sword will pierce your soul. I looked up in the darkness and Jesus said ‘It is finished’, my son, that’s my son. Then I felt it Jesus had died and a sword pierced my soul.  



  • How would you have felt if it got dark during the day?

  • How do you feel about Jesus forgiving the soldiers?

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