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Riding and Striding repair the roof!

The two things that stick in my mind most from the cycle ride for Gloucester historic Churches Trust (apart from the acute pain in the top of my thighs following the climb up from Dyrham to Tormarton) were the people I met en route and the beauty of the countryside in these parts. Those of us who were out cycling seemed to form our own little community just for the day, swapping notes about the places we had been and the challenging climbs. It was a joy to discover lots of little lanes where cars hardly travel and an ancient church almost every two miles. Some of the wedding guests at Warmely were intrigued to know what I and a couple on a tandem, who arrived at the same time, were doing and so followed a short, but very engaging conversation punctuated by gasps for air as I attempted to refill my lungs ready for the ride to Siston. The other good part about the event was the conversations with the many people who were kind enough o sponsor me. It is amazing how, if we each do a little, it can all add up to something quite substantial. Ian Wallace - September 2018 

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