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Regenerate and its Work in Yate

95% of our children and young people do not go to church. So, we must go to them. Jesus said to his disciples, “Go” and that is what he is still asking of us today.

Regenerate’s vision:

‘To be an agent of change, living out and proclaiming the good news, unconditional love and hope of Jesus Christ in order to bring

wholeness to the children, young people and families of Yate,

Chipping Sodbury and surrounding areas.’

As part of the Churches Together in Yate and Chipping Sodbury,

Regenerate has been working in our local schools for over 20 years bringing the love of Jesus to the children in words and actions.

Regenerate is in a very privileged situation with an open door into every primary school in the area and regular involvement at Yate Academy. During the week small teams go to the primary schools to do Christian assemblies, run lunch time clubs and also provide some mentoring to children who may be finding the move to secondary school challenging.

Regenerate is being salt and light in these places and reaching out to the 95%.

Three times a year Regenerate provides interactive workshops for the primary schools; Advent Adventure, Easter Experience and Moving On. The first two provide a real opportunity for the children to engage with the Christmas and Easter story. 390 children came to Easter

Experience this year. Feedback from the schools was very positive

eg. ‘-Thank you for making all aspects of the Easter story real. We come and love it every year. All volunteers are great with the kids and it runs smoothly. Well done to all involved’.

The third workshop provides the opportunity for children to meet

others going to the same secondary school as well as think through some of the things that will be different in their next school. This is then linked with inspiring words from the Bible.

During this past year Regenerate has been exploring the vision for Chaplaincy work in some of our schools. This would involve being a presence in a few schools more intensively and working alongside the schools meeting some of their needs. We sense that this is the way forward in order to be that ‘agent of change’ bringing ‘wholeness’ to school communities in the name of Jesus.

Regenerate is led by Rachel Rogers and a team of volunteers. They have an incredible opportunity to bring the good news of the fullness of life in Christ to our young people in the town. Please remember them in your prayers, keep up to date by

going on the website and supporting them financially (if you are able). Come and hear Rachel or Ruth speak at your church in May.

For more information visit the website or speak to Ruth Wallace (Chair of Trustees)

If you would like to support Regenerate financially, our

Treasurer can be contacted at:

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