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Joining in with the Prayer of the Holy Spirit

We have recently joined in the worldwide prayer initiative 'Thy Kingdom Come' praying for people known to us to find God's love. As we continue with prayer which are brought to our minds by the activity of the Holy Spirit among and within us, PLEASE make use of opportunities to record your prayer requests in the church you attend. In St Mary’s church you can find these in the small chapel along with a votive candle stand. During June our MISSION AREA PRAYER BOARD, prepared by the M.A. Prayer Stream team, has been in St. Nix church. In July it will be moving to St. Mary’s before travelling on to St. James’, Westerleigh in August and St. Michael’s in September, All Saints in October and St. Peter’s, Wapley in November. Please take time to ponder the needs of our area, especially for the need of our wider community and individuals to become more aware that they are loved by God whatever their circumstances. There are pockets on the board where our prayers can be placed for the eight Churches. On the other side of the board is a tree where we can place our prayers onto its leaves, prayers for anything on our hearts. During intercessions we shall be using some of these prayers. Please let us make our Churches hubs for ongoing, interactive prayer. As we join together in prayer we KNOW that Jesus is beside and within us ..... The eight Churches are St. Mary’s, Yate; St. Nicholas, Yate; St. Peter’s. Wapley; St. James’, Westerleigh; St. James’, Iron Acton; St. Peter’s, Frampton Cotterell; St. Michael’s Winterbourne; All Saints, Winterbourne Down.