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Harvest at Home

It’s that wonderful time of year again when we give thanks for God’s bounty in our harvest celebrations. As usual, you can go along to bid for home-grown produce at the Harvest Auction in Westerleigh on Sunday 22 September. Wapley Harvest buffet will take place on Friday 11 October at Barleyclose Farm, Codrington.

But this year we are also exploring other ways of celebrating harvest. Yate has many different neighbourhoods with diverse needs; to reflect this we are asking our congregations to plan small events serving their area or specific groups. For example, Brimsham mission group will hold a barbeque in the park as part of a reflective walk. What could you do in your local area? Could you hold a small harvest meal for your neighbours? Are you part of a church or community group that could hold a harvest event? St Nix and St Mary’s churches are holding their Harvest festival on 6 October, St James will have theirs on 22 September. We hope that harvest events will take place between 16 September and 6 October. For more information or if you would like to organise an event contact Hywel at

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