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Yate & Fromeside Mission Area Youth Weekend Legge House 10th – 12th January 2020

A group of young people spent a weekend together at Legge House, in Wroughton, to share fun, food, fellowship and faith. As well as the games, walks, worship and time enjoyed

together, they talked about the issues that really bother them and came up with a plan of how to tackle them. They will be working on these projects in the coming months; one group looking at the question of how to get kids in church, and the other the issue of homelessness. We look forward to seeing what these amazing young people will come up with.

Katie Turner, one of the young people, wrote:

‘I want to thank everyone for the Rooted weekend away. It was very fun, and we got to go on some nice walks. The place we stayed at was very nice, and the church was so pretty. We also had a nice cook* whose food was incredible! I really enjoyed the weekend, it was so fun’ *Charlie Blackett

Overall the weekend was a great success with the young people enjoying in some of their own words ‘chilling with friends all weekend’, ‘working together and sharing great ideas’, ‘the Escape Room and Battleships’ and ‘the walks, the food and the prayers.’

Gail Thomas

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