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An Easier Way to View Church Online

The Tech Team has found a system of broadcasting our services which is made specifically for churches. It enables us to have all our services in one place so there is no need to look for a link because it's always on the front of our website. But, don't worry we will continue to broadcast the service on Facebook and Youtube as well. We just think that for some people this will be an easier and more interactive way of worshipping together.

We've put a big button which you click and all our services will be there.

The screen looks like this with the video on the left and the chat and service sheet on the right:

The great think about the new system is that we can all chat together safely without a Facebook or Youtube account and all the chat is monitored by us and automatically deleted after the service. In these times of isolation just seeing the names of others worshipping with us makes us feel more gathered as a community. A 'Good morning everyone' in the chat lets us know that we are worshipping together.

It's easy to do as well if you click in the chat on the right-hand side, you can write 'Good Morning Everyone' and give yourself a nickname. No need for an account, Everything is deleted when the service finishes.

Because this program is built for churches there is a notes section where we have put the link to the Zoom Coffee morning and a full service sheet so you can follow the service that way too. To get this click notes

We have put all our Compline services here so at 8pm each evening you can join us for Compline too. The service sheet is under notes as well. When there is no service running there is a video playing demonstrating how to use the service to click on the big link below to go to our new Yate Parish Online Site.


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