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APCM - Monday 24th May, 7:30pm

On Monday 24th May we have the most important Parish Meeting of the year - it is our Annual Meeting when the PCC gives account for the way it has run the Parish during the past year, when you get the chance to ask questions and when you elect Church Wardens and new PCC members to take the Parish forward for another year. Please do try to attend if you can. The meeting will be at 7.30pm at St. Nix Church, but you can also participate by Zoom if you would prefer. To do this you will need to register your desire to attend by Zoom with Pam in the Parish Office and she will send you the link for the meeting.

You can download from the blog the agenda, the minutes of last year's meeting and the Annual Report, which also contains our annual accounts and the Independent Examiner's report. Hopefully these documents together give a clear idea of how the Parish has survived one of the most extra-ordinary years in its history, so they are worth reading.

APCM 2021 Agenda
Download DOC • 40KB

APCM Minutes 2020
Download DOCX • 36KB

Download DOCX • 2.18MB


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