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Community Pioneer Vacancy at Zion Church

Please see below the vacancy being advertised by Zion Church for a Community Pioneer:

Zion United Church

Blessed to be a blessing


Community Pioneer

Salary: £23,500 gross per annum.

Hours: 30 hours per week

Zion United Church, Woodend Rd, Frampton Cotterell, Bristol, BS36 2HY


Job Overview:

Zion United Church is an active and vibrant church to the northeast of Bristol, that draws members and friends mainly from Frampton Cotterell, Coalpit Heath and Winterbourne. As well as the usual main church services and activities we have considerable input into community life.  We recognise the need for new and relevant ‘fresh expressions’ of what it means to be church in the 21st Century.   To this end, we have recently completed the first three years of a Community Pioneer role to assist in the ’fresh expressions journey’.  This new post seeks to continue to discover new ways of being church, to further increase the engagement with the wider community and to provide continuity with what has been achieved to date.  

We do not primarily desire to see a greater number of people cross the threshold of the church on a Sunday. We want to see a vibrant and active Christian faith expressed in the wider community, including the new housing developments.

We are looking for someone to bring a creative and pioneering approach. We want this person to not feel they have to do it all, but to also encourage and inspire others to get involved and use/develop their gifts. It is expected that much of the role will develop organically as areas for pioneering are discovered and explored. 


We envisage this project having 2 main strands- one to continue to develop key areas of the first project and the other to develop fresh work among the new housing areas.


For further information, including a copy of the job description and personal specification please email us at 


Application closing date: 1st March ‘24

Initial interviews will be scheduled for the week beginning 11th March ’24  by agreement.


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