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Daily Comfort and Joy throughout December

This December we will be publishing daily messages of comfort and joy on Facebook and our website.

Each week has a theme that follows the promise of God given to us at the beginning of time and how that promise is fulfilled in the birth of Jesus. The message that God understands suffering and danger as he was born into suffering and danger at Christmas.

The pattern of the messages follows the traditional carol service, where we will be uploading readings, carols and poems every day at 8am and 4pm.

Each day we will publish Morning Prayer on Facebook as usual, but we will be using special readings that follow the same pattern. You can follow the readings daily on our website.

All the content can be found on our special Christmas page:


Twice a week we will upload carols for you all to sing along with. These will have pictures that people have sent in expressing comfort and joy. Everything from pets, grandchildren to catching fish.

Daily Readings and Poems

Each day we will upload a bible reading or a poem to inspire us with the message of Jesus.

Weekly Podcasts

We have also made four podcasts that explore the theme of each week the themes are:

Advent 1:

“Comfort and Joy from the beginning.” (Genesis readings) Even from the very beginning, God gives us the promise of Jesus

Advent 2:

“Comfort and Joy in dark times” (Isaiah readings) Even at times of great turmoil the promise if given of Jesus (Focus on the context of Isaiah as a time of upheaval)

Advent 3:

“Comfort and Joy in Jesus’ birth” (Luke 1 & 2) Mary accepts the gift of Jesus and Jesus is born in poverty

Advent 4:

“Comfort and Joy is shared with the world” The poorest shepherds and greatest Magi come to worship

The table which you can download below shows the content which will be uploaded each day. Please share this with your friends and family to share the message of comfort and joy. On Dec 20th at 6:30 this content will be brought together in our online carol service.

Publication timetable
Download PDF • 101KB


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