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Entering into the Easter Story

This Lent we will be learning about and entering into the Easter Story, perhaps for some in a new way. We will learn about the meaning behind each of the services during Holy Week and ask ourselves the difficult question: Who am I in the Easter story? Stories are how we connect with our past, present, and future. They are a way of creating community and a shared story that can transform our lives together.


There is no story greater than the Easter story, it has all the greatness and flaws of humanity on show. The courage of

Jesus and Mary Magdalene, the cowardliness of Peter, and the indifference of Pilate. The Easter services on Palm Sunday through to Easter Sunday re-enact this great story and enable us to ask ourselves: Who am I in this story? Each session will focus on one of the services, allowing us to enter the Easter story in a new way this year.


Five sessions are starting on 19th February. The course will be run by the home groups across the mission area; there are also sessions at 7:30pm on Mondays at St. Saviour’s and 2pm on Tuesdays at St. Nix.


1: Entering into a story

2: Palm Sunday: from hero to zero

3: Maundy Thursday: from celebration to despair

4: Good Friday: humanity at its best and worst

5: Easter: from creation to resurrection


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