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Pilgrimage walk to Tintern Abbey

Lockdown has been a challenge for everyone over the last year or so. Sometimes it has felt like walking through a long tunnel with no light at the end. The pilgrim group in north Yate has been going on

reflective walks for a while, using the environment as a way into prayer. To celebrate the end of lockdown we are planning a reflective pilgrimage on Saturday 12 June.

Recently the Wye Valley Greenway cycle path from

Chepstow to Tintern Abbey was opened. The path goes through an old railway tunnel which is lit inside. This is a fantastic symbol of lockdown: a long tunnel with lights to guide you as you walk. Eventually, you turn a corner and the light shines in. The cycle path is flat and ends three miles later at Tintern Abbey.

To celebrate the ending of Lockdown, we invite you to join us in walking this path and thinking about how God has guided us all through this time, and pray for us to become better in the future. Hywel has scouted the walk and

proposes three options:

1: Shorter walk (4.5 miles) from the tunnel to Tintern

Abbey. Flat terrain and easy paths. (Sharing cars to return to starting point)

2: Longer walk (9 miles) from the tunnel to Tintern Abbey and back to the start. Steepish climb to Devil’s Pulpit, and medium paths. Hywel took his 72-year-old dad with him on the return trip.

3: Join us for a picnic lunch at Tintern Abbey

Timetable, Saturday 12th June:

Meet at St Mary’s car park at 9am 12th June.

Start walk 10am

Arrive at Tintern at 12ish

(1 hour for picnic lunch)

End of long walk around 3.30

Everyone is welcome to come on any of the walks. Email or ring 07539069811 to book and for more information.


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