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Prayer Vigil for Peace in Ukraine 7pm Saturday 19th March

I am sure we have all been shocked by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces but feel a sense of powerlessness in the face of such naked aggression. However, there is one thing that we can do - pray.

We will be holding our second prayer vigil on Saturday 19th March at 7pm by the Lych Gate to St. Mary's Church. The reason we have chosen the Lych Gate is that it stands as a focal point for the community to remember the cost or previous wars in Europe and in the circumstances it seems to be an appropriate place for our praying.

So that people can plan their evenings we have decided to say that the prayer vigil will finish at 7.30pm, although people would be welcome to stay longer if they feel that they want to. We will be providing yellow and blue Prayer Ribbons for Peace that you are invited to tie to the poles leading down towards St Mary's Church door as a symbol of hope.

Please come along if you can to pray for peace in Ukraine


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