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Restore your body, mind & soul at Soul Space 7th Dec 730 at St Mary's

Soul Space

December 7th at 730 in St Mary's and streamed through Facebook Live

Christmas is very stressful

life is stressful

Soul space is a time to stop

and just be with God

As part of our bags of well being from Mother's Union we have designed a new service for this advent. At soul space we will learn to make our own prayer rope and how to use it to clear our minds and reflect on God's love for us at this hectic time of year.

What is a prayer rope?

A prayer rope is an ancient Christian way of praying. It has mostly been used by the eastern church but many saints have used it over the years, St Francis in particular.

The prayer rope is good to carry around with you in your pocket or bag. It acts as a reminder and sign of your christian faith.

It is very simple to use; hold the rope in your right hand and move the knots between your thumb and forefinger. As you move the rope repeat this prayer quietly and slowly.

Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy on me.

If you want to pray for a person or a specific situation you can replace me with that word. It is best if you focus on one single person or situation within the prayer.

Lord Jesus Christ Have Mercy on ‘My family / My Daughter / Yate ...’

Pray for as long as you like the most important part is to be calm, quiet and slow.


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