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St Nix Harvest Festival - 3rd October

Harvest Festival at St Nicholas

This year our harvest service is on 3rd October. At St Nicholas we have decided to support Crisis Centre Ministry, a Bristol-based charity. They are a non-profit Christian organisation helping some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged people. They provide meals at the Wild Goose drop-in centre.

Steve will be coming to our service to tell us about the work of the charity. We hope you will support them by donating items for this worthwhile cause. If you are not able to attend please contact Sue Harrison in St Nicholas family centre office on 01454 324712 to arrange a time to drop off items.

These are the most needed foods:

Instant coffee


Red lentils and other dried pulses

Baked beans and other tinned items

Tinned tomatoes, passata and tomato puree

Spices and seasonings (salt, pepper, mixed herbs, etc)

Porridge oats

Condiments - ketchup, brown sauce and mayo

Spreads - jam, peanut butter, honey, etc

Gravy granules and stock cubes


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