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This week at Yate Parish (from Sunday 5th February)

Sunday Services

St Mary's Church: Communion at 8.15am

St Mary's Church: All Age Service at 10.30am

St Nix Church: Communion at 10.30am 🎥 (livestream available, please click here)

St James' Church: Communion at 10.30am

St Peter's: Evening Worship (book of Common Prayer) at 4pm

St Mary's: 630 Praise at 6.30pm

Mid Week Services

St Mary's : Thursday: Communion at 10am


You can access the Sunday Service and 6:30 Praise on the same site (livestream available, please click here)


Click here to see upcoming events.

St James Coffee Morning - every Wednesday at 10am

Pancake Party - Tuesday 21st Feb, 3-5pm at St Mary's Church please click here for more details

Agape Lunch - Weds 8th Feb, 12pm at St Nix please click here for more details



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