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Thy Kingdom Come

Thy kingdom Come this year runs from Thursday 18th May which is Ascension Day through to Pentecost Sunday 28th May. This is a time, when we are united with Christians across the globe and spend time praying for people to know Jesus. We are encouraging every person, who already knows the good news of Jesus Christ to pray throughout this time, specifically for the lives of 5 people who are still to respond with a ‘Yes’ to God’s call.

Below are also the opportunities for people to develop their prayer life. You are most welcome to join us.

  • Morning Prayer 7.30 am live on Facebook (Mon - Sat) led by laity and ministry team.

  • Midday Prayers (15 mins) 12 noon weekdays 19th May – 28th May at various venues see below:

    • Friday 19th May - St James (Day 1)

    • Monday 22nd May - St Mary's (Day 4)

    • Tuesday 23rd May - St Nix (Day 5)

    • Wednesday 24th May - St James (Day 6)

    • Thursday 25th May - St Mary's (Day 7)

    • Friday 26th May - St Nix (Day 8)

Anyone willing to lead the midday prayers please speak with Wanda. Liturgy will be provided. Thank you

  • Night Prayers (Compline) 9.30 pm live on Facebook (weekdays)

  • Sunday 21st May, 6.30 Praise at St Mary’s will be having a Thy Kingdom Come theme running through the service with worship and prayer stations. Our ecumenical service. All welcome.

Prayer booklet: there will also be prayer guide booklets left in each of our churches across the parish to help you, during this time. Especially if you are unable to meet up.

Thy Kingdom Come is simple and transformational. In praying 'thy kingdom come' not only do we invite God to have his way in his world, more crucially we invite God to have his way in us. Join with us on this exciting journey.


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