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We are Open for Christmas Services

Given the current situation with Covid to keep everyone safe we have issued new guidance for our Christmas service:

1. To ventilate the church, we will keep the porch door and other doors open during services.

This will make it cold, so please bring an extra jumper.

2. We are asking everyone to take a Lateral Flow Test before coming to our services

3. Please wear a mask in church, except when singing

4. No Refreshments will be served at Christmas services

5. Please remember your social distance (2 meters)

and please don’t chat while standing up, sit down or go outside into the churchyard and chat!

Christmas Eve for Families

Please come dressed as one of the nativity characters both Adults and Children. can come dressed up

St Mary’s 4.30 & 6 pm Crib Service

St Nix 4.30pm The Nativity Retold Service

Midnight Communion

St Mary's & St James 11.00pm

St Peter’s 11.30pm

Christmas Day

St Mary’s & St Nix 10.00am


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