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Zoom Lent Study Group, Wednesday Evenings, 7:30pm First meeting on Wednesday 24th February

Our Lent Study Groups will be taking place on a Wednesday evening at 7:30pm via Zoom (to join please click here). The first meeting will be on Wednesday 24th February. For more information regarding the Lent focus, please see the article below from Reverend Gail Thomas.

This year we will be using Rob Bell’s book Drops Like Stars for our Lent focus. The book centres on how when we encounter pain and suffering, our lives are disrupted and we are forced to take a new path, to create new expectations and to evaluate our relationship with God. The course will take place over 6 weeks:

Week 1: The art of disruption

Week 2 The art of honesty

Week 3: The art of the ache

Week 4: The art of solidarity

Week 5: The art of elimination

Week 6: The art of failure

As well as being able to join a lent study group, we will be producing a sermon series based on the themes of the book and a series of podcasts which will be available on our website for you to engage with. More information will be on our website as we approach Ash Wednesday.

I have found this book really useful in thinking through the experience of the past year and if you would like to obtain a copy for yourself it is available to order online either in hard copy or as an ebook.

Reverend Gail Thomas


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